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Fully-managed WriteFreely hosting for small communities

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Running your own community, made easy

We make it easy to run your own WriteFreely instance, no technical know-how needed. Just point your domain to us and we'll take care of the rest, from hosting to backups to upgrades.

Control and customizability

You get full access to your WriteFreely Admin Panel, where you can customize your instance, limit your community's growth by closing registrations, and configure how many blogs your writers can have under one account.

Simple pricing

Everyone starts on our smallest plan, with a flat monthly rate that gives you 100 blogs across all of your users. Upgrade only when your community grows.

Funding open source software ♥

WF.host is run by the very same people building WriteFreely. Besides funding our open source work, you get a hosting service from the people who know the product best.

What is WriteFreely?

A blogging platform

WriteFreely is a writing-focused blogging platform that's uniquely simple and distraction-free.


Instead of having one website called Medium or Tumblr, anyone can start their own entire community with the WriteFreely software and govern it however they want.


WriteFreely supports everything you need to reach your readers: RSS, fast-loading pages, and even ActivityPub — so others can follow your writing on decentralized social platforms like Mastodon.


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